The iPads Project


feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or want to donate the iPads directly

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For the last couple of years you all came to celebrate with me in a Bar, Drinking as much as our stomach and head could take, and making each other, and me, happy.  But in the end, the best birthday someone could ask for is related to health -
all of the rest is luxury.

so, no party this year? I had a better idea : These days I'm trying to help a certain brain injury centre in a hospital, where iPads are needed for the purpose of rehabilitation. you know, for people after strokes, accidents or injuries while at military service. So I thought....that this year, instead of Buying drinks or bringing me presents, you all can join me in a donation, and we can do something great for my birthday together.

what do I need? We need a total of 10 iPads  - I will cover some of the amount myself, but I need your help in donations of money or new iPads - Donate to celebrate my birthday!